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HALE 2.8.0 connects to your PostGIS database

We just released HALE 2.8.0 to bring you several new features, including PostGIS source data support, sample sets for large source data sets, a nicer classification UI and more.

Just about a month after the release of HALE 2.7.0, the next intermediate version is ready for you. Despite the short cycle, it brings a lot of improvements, since it includes a few features that were almost but not entirely ready for release with the prior version. So these are the updates you can expect with the 2.8.0:

  • PostGreSQL/PostGIS Database Access
  • Source Dataset Sampling (to use only a few features from a large data set for live transformation)
  • Improved Classification mapping UI with Import and Export from tables
  • Groovy Transformation Scripting and an internal Transformation API
  • Joins based on Xlinks

Find out what's new at:

Download HALE 2.8.0 here:

Watch the HALE Tutorial video to get started on working with HALE:

Please tell us what you think of this new release; don't hesitate to tell us about problems you're encountering and features you're missing. Please note that the preferred channel for communication is the HALE forum: