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EMS – Edge Matching Service

Status: Stable, no active development

The Edge Matching Service (EMS) is a Web Processing Service (WPS) 1.0.0 implementation that aligns edges and points of vector geometries so that they will be gapless.

Screenshot Edge-matching-Service

It has two modes of operation – Align-to-Reference and Distribute-Errors, which can be used when there is no reference data set that can be used as «ground truth»:

  • Dataset Cleaning: A data set should be without gaps, but there are small gaps in between the individual features that need to be filled.
  • Coverage Alignment: Two data sets should have identical geometry over a shared feature (such as a common administrative border), but the geometry varies.

The Coverage Aligner provides two modes of operation:

  • Align-to-Reference: In this case, all candidate data sets will be transformed so that points are moved up to a maximum distance also provided as input. As an example, consider a data set with high-quality country borders that a set of regional borders has to use as reference. Another example would be river networks of different scale, where the higher-scale data can be used as reference.
  • Distribute-Errors: In this case, there is no reference data set that can be used as "ground truth", therefore all geometries will be transformed. Again, no point or edge will be moved further than a client-specified amount. This approach is useful for data sets of even quality and legal bindingness.

Furthermore, the EMS documents the modifications made to the features in the resulting data set if its metadata document is provided as input. This lineage documentation is added extending ISO 19115.

Download EMS at http://builds.esdi-humboldt.eu/WPS-Webapp-0.0.2.war.
Find the EMS Documentation online in the EMS wiki.