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Workflow Editor

Status: Beta, no active development

The HUMBOLDT Workflow component consists of two sub-systems. The first one is a graphical user interface, called the Workflow Editor, allowing users to compose geoprocessing components into workflows and to execute these workflows. The second component is a web service, called the Workflow Repository Service, that accepts requests for workflows and delivers them to clients.

Screenshot wWorkflow Editor

The Workflow Editor can be used to register processing components and to specify chains and compositions of such components. The Workflow Editor offers quite a similar functionality as e.g. a BPEL Workflow Designer, but additionally provides assistance to the user in the composition process by e.g. comparing the input/output type definitions of the components to be connected. For example, this prevents users from connecting components processing raster data with processing component accepting vector data and hence reduces the risk of runtime errors when executing the composition. The processes to be composed can either be exposed as OGC WPS Processes or directly implemented in Java.

The Workflow Editor acts as a client application to the Workflow Repository and allows users to deploy the workflows such that they will be subsequently offered via the web service interface of the Workflow Service.

The Workflow Repository Service offers a web service interface (WSDL). Via this interface, it accepts a number of SOAP requests:

  • getWorkflowOfferings: This operation delivers information on the workflows currently available via that service.
  • getWorkflow: Given a workflow identifier, this operation returns an executable workflow in the HUMBOLDT workflow XML-dialect.
  • deployWorkflow: Allows client applications to deploy executable workflows.

Download the Workflow Editor at http://www.esdi-community.eu/projects/wdcs/wiki/Workflow_Editor_Downloads.
Find the Workflow Editor Documentation in the Workflow Editor User Manual (PDF).