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International Platform for the Data Harmonisation Community

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InGeoForum and ZGDV e.V.

Zentrum für Graphische Datenverarbeitung e.V. (ZGDV)

The ZGDV association was established in 1984 and initiated, actively supported and promoted essential developments of computer graphics and its applications.

Today, ZGDV especially focusses on the networking and promotion of its forums, which accomplish the association's goals and will thus continue to make a contribution to implement knowledge transfer in operational practice. ZGDV is a network for the promotion of information, communication and trends in the development of information technologies.

To realize its goals ZGDV is hosting besides the data harmonisation panel different forums for a variety of application fields, one of them is the InGeoForum.

Information and Cooperation Forum for Geodata of ZGDV e.V. (InGeoForum)

InGeoForum is the information and co-operation forum between providers and users of geodata, geoinformation systems (GIS) and services (Geoinformation) established in 1997. The fundamental aim is to promote geoinformation at national and regional level as well as to establish a national and regional infrastructure for geodata

The InGeoForum with its activities with and in the community will closely cooperate with the data harmonisation panel with its focus on the harmonisation of geodata and -information. This may include joint seminars and information events and round tables. The data harmonisation panel can be seen as initiative or activity within the InGeoForum as a pre-competitive project with a strategic relevance for the Geodata market.