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International Platform for the Data Harmonisation Community

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The core motivation for the establishment of the data harmonisation panel is to provide an international platform for experts and organisations dealing with issues of spatial data harmonisation. The goals and targets of the Data Harmonisation Panel are:

  • to drive the cooperation among the stakeholders of spatial data harmonisation;
  • to raise awareness for the importance of spatial data harmonisation and to increase visibility of existing solutions in different user communities;
  • to research and support areas of application of geo-data harmonisation with impact on the market;
  • to ensure the continued maintenance and development of the Open Source HUMBOLDT Tools and Services;
  • to maintain and pursue the HUMBOLDT Training Framework;
  • to support the use and the sharing of the HUMBOLDT Tools and Services for geo-data harmonisation within the scope of politically and economically relevant targets in general;

The data harmonisation panel builds on the results achieved during the runtime of the HUMBOLDT integrated research project (2006 to 2011). The founding members of the panel were core players within this project and will strengthen its sustainability by spreading the expertise and knowledge gained during the project.